CVINE Natural Health Channels were created by the C-VINE News Network and are placed in a trust that is run by, “We the People”… in other words, your friend’s and neighbor’s. NOTE: This channel was created for purely educational purposes from trusted and credentialed sources.  Absolutely NO SELLING of any product or service is allowed here.  

Have you noticed when you search on Google for any type of natural health advice, the majority of search results are as follows:

  •  Amateur marketing web pages with questionable health skills or knowledge are self serving and try to sell product.
  • Forum posts are filled with many people, unsure of what to believe.
  • Larger named, alternative health websites also try to sell product or services… even if the instructors are credentialed, but receive payment of some type for sales… therefore making recommendations biased.
  • 90% of the “informational” web pages – either have links to sell you product, OR they are created by people with NO formal education on this matter (who likely have monetary reason to create these web pages).

ABOUT US:  The “Wholesome Pharma” sub-channel under C-VINE Health is all about educating the public with breaking NEWS and ancient practices utilizing historical natural cures, preventative medicine, integrative medicine with mainstream, whole foods, plant life, teas, acupuncture, various types of massage and physical therapy, herbalists, chiropractics, hyperbaric medicine, breaking natural cancer treatments and many more. Information brought to you in a multi-media format. Each practitioner and therapist has come highly recommended from your community.

Other channels listed under C-VINE Health besides “Wholesome Pharma” are, “Growing Food“, “Fitness Festival“, “Healthy Cooking” and many more to come… Be sure to visit these other channels under C-VINE Health by visiting our Directory on: C-VINE NEWS NETWORK.

C-VINE is an acronym that stands for: Community-Voice * Internet News * Education. We are here in order to give voice to the community, publish reliable news on specific topics and teach the public about one subject at a time.

The “COMMUNITY VOICE, section of the C-VINE acronym has created a group page on Facebook that the public can join if they wish to interact directly with the teachers in this channel, view or listen to LIVE seminars, and have discussion with each other in the community. The Facebook Group having to do with Natural Health and all the sub-channels underneath it can be found HERE.  Be aware that these are closed groups and you must be accepted as a member of the group in order to interact.  We are keeping out trolls or trouble makers.

The “INTERNET NEWS section  on C-VINE News channel, will give pertinent and reliable information from respected sources about global breaking news and opinion pieces that have been vetted for accuracy from our volunteers and citizen journalists.

The “EDUCATION section will be provided in a multitude of ways, but always given from proven credible sources.  Any articles chosen to be posted on this page that are written from the public, will be clearly labeled as such and will always honor the same spirit of trust, authenticity, and integrity. In the interest of transparency… Most educators on the education section come from a variety of teaching or coaching backgrounds and pay to rent space on these channels in order to provide the vetted information.  Monies from the education section are then used to fund the C-VINE News platform that is placed in a trust.  There are NO advertisers or special interest groups who fund these channels. Therefore C-VINE is a news source with freedom of speech that isn’t held hostage by any entity, person’s or groups.

We encourage interactions, feedback and suggestions. We hope these channels will bless you as much as it has us in the research and creation of it.


The C-VINE News Network Volunteers

** The information presented on this site is for educational purposes only. There is absolutely no intention to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any health problems or diseases. Consult your physician for specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment and a diet and exercise expert for advice on diet, herbs and exercise. **