Acupuncture and MIGRAINE Relief

(Live Audio interview between Dr. Eric Koda, MD. and Linda Forsythe)

Transcription of LIVE interview

Linda: Welcome back to our radio show, Wholesome Pharma brought to you LIVE on the CVINE Network. I’m your host Linda Forsythe.

We’ve brought back by popular demand, Dr. Erik Koda who is an MD. Dr. Koda has a unique area of expertise for a Medical Doctor as he specializes in Acupuncture! Surprisingly, in many cases your health insurance will cover it. If your insurance doesn’t cover acupuncture, discuss it with your doctor; he/she may be able to work with them. It is a great way to naturally allow your body to heal itself, deal with addictions or manage pain. Last week we discussed how acupuncture can manage or even alleviate pain. Today’s message is all about how Headaches and/or Migraines can be treated. Welcome back to our show Dr. Koda!

Dr. Koda: Thank you, Linda.

Linda: I’ll tell you, when you mentioned that acupuncture can actually help headaches or a migraine, I have been blessed where I have never had a migraine, but my daughter gets them, and it’s just blinding for her. She sees like bright flashes and gets extremely nauseated, and you know all the things that go on with a migraine, so how does it work with headaches or a migraine? How does it even begin?

Dr. Koda: That’s a good question. It’s often times related to stress, muscle tension, you know muscle contraction. A lot of times people have tensions built up in the muscles in their head or their neck or their shoulders and it sets off the migraines. Quite possibly the blood vessels expanding and contracting can cause migraines to occur. And there’s also well-known triggers of various things externally that might set them off, such as certain foods or a drink, or things of that nature.

Linda: I can see why there would be different headaches. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a migraine, like if it’s a tension headache or something else, stress etc., so with that being said, what about hangovers? I mean, is that something that would help a hangover, or are we just sticking with mostly something because of various type of tension headaches?

Dr. Koda: I think the headaches due to hangovers are somewhat similar in nature although they have the potential added portion of potentially significant dehydration or withdrawal from the alcohol, but the actual end result is the headache that’s similar that can be treated in a similar way with acupuncture. Quite interestingly, migraines can be set off by not being hydrated well enough either, so there’s some similarity to it even though the root causes may be different.

Linda: Again, the fact that you’re a medical doctor and you also specialize in acupuncture, it’s a very nice fit because what if somebody was having headaches because they were possibly in the process of having a stroke or something to this effect? You would be able to obviously assist what type of pain it was, and if it was something that warranted acupuncture I’m assuming?

Dr. Koda: Yes, it’s very important to have the diagnosis set before turning to acupuncture. In my case it’s kind of nice because I can do it all at the same visit as opposed to having to refer to someone and then they can get the acupuncture later. But if they’re having a stroke, typically actually strokes don’t have headaches so much, but other sorts of neurological conditions or hemorrhages into the brain or the head can be associated with headaches. We like to make sure we do a good neurological exam and assessment to make sure that we’re not missing some serious or life-threatening condition before chalking it up to a migraine or tension headache and going ahead and treating, because I would not want to just mask a headache with acupuncture if, for instance, there was a stroke involving at that time.

Linda: There’s people that just cannot take something like Ibuprofen because it’s too rough on their stomach, or any other type of headache medication, so the fact that acupuncture is available, especially if you don’t want to take medication, it just naturally gets rid of your headache, is truly truly a blessing for many people. Do you have any special cases of what has happened in the past that you could tell us about?

Dr. Koda: I would just say that in general, it’s quite amazing actually, one of the conditions that really convinced me that acupuncture was useful because over the years in my career―in over twenty plus years―I’ve treated people with migraines and given them medicines, and usually when they come to the doctor it’s something that’s really horrible and they’ve tried all the “over-the-counters”, and they even have migraine medicines that worked in the past, but this time it isn’t working, and so it’s pretty bad at that point for at least most people by the time they come to the doctor to seek help for their migraines or their headaches.

Typical treatments that we do medically, I got used to being very happy with the fact that I could get the edge off their headaches and get them to the point where they felt like they could go home and go to sleep and sleep it off. At least it wasn’t so bad that they couldn’t do that. Treating with acupuncture, at least every week or two I’ve seen a case where I treat them with acupuncture (I’m talking acute headaches), where I’ll just be in the habit, and I always do this, I’ll ask if I can write them a note for work or school? And they’ll just tell me that “I think I’ll go to work now, I’m OK.”

The first couple times that happened I was a little bit shocked because I can honestly say, when was the last time I heard that in my medical career, and not using acupuncture? I couldn’t remember. And it’s almost a regular occurrence. Now, it doesn’t work every single time, but probably 75-80% of the time I get pretty good results, and a fair amount of time people will decline my offers for sending them home from work or school. “No I’m good”, you know? And so that is shockingly convincing to me that, wow, there’s something to this! Especially when it happens on a repeated basis.

Linda: Oh that is huge, Dr. Koda! I think medicine is going to be transformed very quickly over the next couple of years because more and more people are demanding a wholesome, non-medication big-pharma remedy, so they want something natural. They want something that does not take any medication, quite frankly.

Well Dr. Koda, we’re going to go ahead and sign off for today. Thank you for joining us today and be sure to stay tuned for our next show on Wholesome Pharma with Dr. Koda, where we will be discussing how acupuncture can cure Nausea or Vertigo! You can read or listen to many more Natural and Wholesome ways for preventative or even curative medicine on Good Day everyone!