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AIDS Under Fire: Sir Elton John Reaches Out To World Leaders

Sir Elton John has launched a billion dollar global project to fight the Aids epidemic, urging men to make themselves part of the solution by getting themselves tested.

Reaching out to world leaders, “and all it takes is for Putin, Trump, Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, President of China, to say ‘let’s do one great humanitarian thing. Let’s just end this disease’. They can do it like that (as he clicks his fingers.)”

“We have the drugs to stop this disease now,” says John. HIV, Elton John, PEPFAR

AIDS awareness and the fight for the cure “started under President Bush, who people thought would never step up to the plate and make the gesture, that the American government did with PEPFAR, which is truly historic and a big game-changer. Continued under Obama and the Democrats. And to this moment, it continues still.”

The reporter in this interview consistently tries to disparage and downplay President Trump while Sir Elton John consistently believes President Trump can move a mountain.

“President Trump has the ability to say ‘I want to keep PEPFAR going and I want to be the President that ended AIDS,” states John.

AIDS affects more than the gay communities.  Intravenous drug users, people in prison, residents of sub-Saharan Africa all are impacted.

“The bigger issue we’re grappling with in our society, at the moment, and the numbers are staggering, is addiction. And it’s not necessarily addiction from criminalized drugs. It’s addiction across the board: from overprescribing and people getting access to drugs that are highly, highly addictive.”

“Another issue where we need to address stigma and address humanity is how we put our arms around people who are dealing with addiction. In the same way we need to do that for people living with HIV AIDS.”

For the full interview, click here

If this resonates with you, be the change. Let President Trump @realDonaldTrump know where you stand. (I know his Twitter feed has grown exponentially [especially with hate-filled bots], yet don’t let that stop you. Bet he randomly glances at comments as well as having a team who reads emails, tweet-comments, etc.)

And don’t overlook sending separate tweets, with your special message, to President Trump’s trusted advisors that would include:


As well as anyone else you feel might have the capacity to grab his ear …

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