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Acupuncture – Simple Answer for Humanitarian Aide in 3rd World Countries

Dr. Erik Koda has chosen as his interview guest today on his Wholesome Pharma Radio Show…

Dr. Heather Pickett, D.O. !!!  Click on the audio link above to hear this fascinating interview.

Did you know that Acupuncture has been found to be of significant use in 3rd world countries?  When Physicians visit these countries to assist with Humanitarian Aide… they many times have limited resources to help their patient’s. Acupuncture equipment is light and easy to carry and has a host of therapeutic uses.

Dr. Pickett is a Physician, former Flight Surgeon, and USAF Colonel. She is now a Family Practice Physician with her doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine and is a certified Medical Acupuncturist. Since she retired from the Air Force,  Dr. Pickett is now part of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She works closely with the Veteran’s Administration at the Nellis Air Force Base.

As a labor of love… Heather enjoys doing humanitarian work in lesser-developed countries utilizing her skills as a Physician and Acupuncturist.